Ouija Boards

The adventure they hold...

Ouija Boards

  What is that? You don't know what an Ouija Board is? Well to start, it is a tool used by the Devil himself. If you are just getting freaked out, then you should probably exit off this site now, because that fact was nothing compared to what I'm about to tell you. An Ouija board, or witch board as some call it, is a device used to communicate with spirits. Some believe it is only in your head, but some know that it is not a silly game as myself. If you are interested and would love to try one, then go ahead. On this site I have a few tips on Ouija boards, so if it is your first time, you know what to do. Go to the Pages page to see what each page is. Also to see a full conversation between people and spirits go to the Experiences page. Also, the name is a bit confusing. It is pronounced We (like when you go down a slide and say, "Weeeee!!!") Gee (like the letter G's name) Board. We-Gee-Board. You can put juh in front to if you like (so it would sound like wee-juh), but most just say it like I showed.

  The sitemap page is the page labeled as Pages. Here is the link.



***Coming Soon*** The video page will be coming soon with complete videos on how to use the Ouija board, conversations on the Ouija board, how to make an Ouija board and more!!!! Thanks for stopping bye!!!!